How's your GSD skills?

Have you ever notice how some athletes always seem to dominate? Seems like they always win, or popular… everyone wants to either be them or beat them. In wrestling it could be families like the Kamakas, Coopers, or Jhuns. Or BJ Penn…whoever you follow. In businesses could be trump or Branson. To be successful like them you gotta have relentless GSD skills.

GSD stands for ” Gettin Shit Done”

Athletes and business people in the top bracket all fucking have great GSD!
I dont feel like it, I can’t Train today, or I don’t have money attitudes don’t exist to […] Read more

Are youre bare bones Big Bones!??!

Most athletes are all hard charging competitive guys. Because of it I create workouts that expose guys’ “bare bones”. With all the things that go on outside of our training how do we keep going? We. Gotta have big bones!!
Having big bones means if shit gets hard, things pop up, you can stay firm on strong legs, strong back with fucking big bones!!! Knowing my bones won’t break I can stand under any pressure and not crack.
Big bones is a mindset I came up with. A feeling like hey, I can take this shit, my bones won’t break!

Small […] Read more

Ruffel a few Feathers

People always ask me if I’m this way all the time. I say yes…of course! I have all types of friends, millionaires, business, fighters, athletes, coaches, church friends, and X drug dealers….. all know me for being someone willing to ruffel a few feathers. People begin to ask you cause they know you will be honest.
It’s important for me to be real all the time. I would hate for someone that knows me well to read my shit and say ” this ain’t the same guy i know.”

My claim to fame is that I call it like […] Read more

Too much respect!!!

I meet a lot of great guys, that’s why I have this camp and love it. I was reminded today why I created a safehaven for guys like us.
At a meeting I was introduced to a business guy… very well know on tv as a top guy to a top guy. I introduce myself and this guy fucking looks me up and down says his name quietly and walks off….doesn’t even look me in the eye…( I know I’m good looking and intimidating but damn…lol!!!)

I was thinking man, Id clean your fucking clock back in my […] Read more

From Start to Stop get it straight…go f**ckin hard!!!

Quick rant!!!!

Go hard from start to fucking stop!!! From the moment you wake to the moment you die go all out!!!

I have athletes that kick ass and I look for them for this camp, I gotta have guys that are willing to go 100% all the time.
Any less than that doesn’t produce results. You should always be fucking training, thinking of training, hanging around people that love training. From start to stop.

Going hard from start to stop has gotta be your motto for your life from this moment to the end of it !!!! As a young man, father, […] Read more

Either you are a person that will be stopped or will not be stopped…one or the other!

Holy shit boy!!! I would love to yell that statement into the ear of every athlete thats ever wanted to win. It’s such a simple statement. But powerful.

I remember going through bankruptcy, sitting outside on my rock wall watching the waves and sunrise. Crying asking god what to do….thinking I took my shot at a million dollars and lost. No money, nothing to fall back on. That moment…just for a second, I doubted myself…and who I was at the core. I’m supposed to be a successful person, the standard…so I thought. Later that day, I was listening to an […] Read more

Always find a way

Man, I hear all kinds of shit people say to let themselves off the hook of training ( training can really be whatever for you…like ending a bullshit relationship, starting a business, studying so you can pass high school) people say shit like its raining, I don’t wanna get sick, oh…I can’t train I ate 5 minutes ago. I smashed my penis in the car door coming here coach…lol

My response is always find a way… then do it fuckin anyway!!!

For example I’m traveling to the mainland doing a motivational speaking event for a group of business professionals. I will […] Read more

Rest Standing

One of our most common statements here at war horse strength camp is ” rest standing.” Knowing competition athlete, we know fighting and wrestling is very physically demanding. You have high and low moments in the event that will press the shit out of you!

The rest standing mindset is that you arent fucking tired. Even if you are… its psychological warfare. Think about this. When you see some guy bent over grabbing his knees, breathing heavy what do you think? Not….ok I’m gonna slow the pace till he catches his breath.. hell no!!! You think man imma […] Read more

The Crowd you keep

The crowd you keep says everything about who you are and what you believe.

I was talking to a friend tonight and I was reminded of the company I keep. I have surrounded myself with great men all my life.

Even not knowing people and what they do I tend to gain the blessings of having the most powerful people in my life because I see myself as powerful as well. Because of it I make a study of greatness. I seek it in all I encounter because its all I know of people.

I wont blow smoke up peoples ass either. […] Read more


Plenty of people consider their lives complete. But you and I know that’s bullshit. Their life sucks and they’re settling for mediocrity. They feel roof, food, and job is good enough.

Fuck that!!! You should be looking for your max!!!

Your “max” is Passion sex with your girl ( were men here, you can handle real shit right) ,bliss with your family, and stalking your dreams like they fuckin stole something from you.

We have a routine that I love here. Called “max.”
You fucking go till you drop. When your sand bag or keg hits the ground you’re done.

You’re life […] Read more