To be greater than equals less than

As I go thru my days I think of who i want to be. What I want to leave behind. I read lots of books, listen to cds, and meet lots of great people . All aspiring to be someone or do something in their lives that at the current moment to the is significant.

I was thinking about what makes great people great…is it what they did or who they decided they had to be to do a common thing…I was meditating and it actually came to me….its not the action that’s great or the person performing it…the event itself […] Read more

Biggest No…

I was reading a book the other morning and the writer had a job working within a company that taught motivation to people….the writer said his boss finally called him in his office and asked him how many times hes failed this month?? In which he replied…well sir, none.

His boss told him that he’s fired people for less and he must go out and look for the biggest no he can or he would get fired.

When I read that I was inspired even more to help more athletes and achievers reach their goals…

No need playing life small, who […] Read more

Strength coach in Hawaii focuses on MMA, wrestlers, and football workouts

As a strength coach I decided to focus on combat athletes…the goal is always the same. Since the goal of most athletes is to be stronger, faster, and better conditioning than their opponets…

The goal was to create a system that provided a basic format to do so…

For the mental side the workouts create an element of what i call panic, then the physical components are simply pushed to a sound line of stress to allow for growth in the weak areas of my athletes.

Example…an athlete that has issues with explosion needs specialized attention in these areas…

Hip mobility drills,
Hip activation […] Read more

Short on time wrestler, football, workout training in hawaii

Today was a quick morning workout. We’ve all been there…my mind immediately told me I didn’t have time…

After telling my mind to shut up I grabbed my phn and set the timer for 3 5 min rounds…This workout is great for wrestlers, football athletes and combat athletes….

I grabbed my empty keg and went to work.

Hanging clean and press 122 reps 5 mins.
Never set the keg down

Straight into bearhug squats for 5 mins no set down rule 101 reps

5 mins keg push UPS 72 reps

Sounds simple…
Was smoked!!!

Took me 15 mins of real hard work….anyone can do that. If you don’t […] Read more

Yes….it was coming… knew someone would get upset!

I realized in talking with people over time about training AND life, motivation and taking action someone would read outside the message and pick one thing and miss my message completely…

I couldnt respond how I wanted and usually dont go this route but it warranted addressing.

Someone replied to connect on the college…higher learning….

Good…they said I seem to care more bout money.than training athletes…
I love that…means that article was mistaken….the reply said I should seek less financially challenged clients…ouch….not to me…to my people.

They think because I get pissed to hear others say kids are poor that I’m referencing them not being […] Read more

College…..higher level learning…the best workout for wrestling, football, mma trainings in hawaii…this is gonna piss people off!!!

This isn’t for the parents, coaches, and athletes not seeking the truth….if you want fluff, go somewhere else…for real.

I talk to lots of coaches, wanna be athletes, high school athletes.

A question I’ve always asked at EVERY meet n greet is…who wants to go to college? Most all raise their hands….
Let’s agree that the goal in high school athletes is that they want to perform at a level that will get them noticed….let’s call it college level performance…for scouts….

That being said all want college level shit! Higher level learning…for fighters thats like being scouted for bellator or ufc…

Begining of Truth….. […] Read more

Wrestling, Football, MMA, Kickboxing ,Jiu Jitsu, Judo,Karate, Combat Strength and Condtioning Training in Hawaii…

In our sports of combat different skills are needed…
But none are becoming more evident than strength and conditioning. Football players have always had great shows of strength and power.

It’s been a requirement to be stronger and faster.

Now that combat sports have evolved the strength to do more in combat is become respected…at one point wrestlers and martial artist were seen as small and was more about defense from some playground bully or discipline of not fighting than actually fighting….

But now you must fight to prove that you can inflict martial law so fighting in tourneys and competition is […] Read more


Nails are an interesting thing…. I heard in a movie or something a guy mentioned something about a nail…

Gave me some perspective on how little things affect big things…

He mentioned that something so small as a damaged nail in the shoe on the hoof of a horse of a messenger, sent to deliver a message of peace to the king of a empire at battle could cost the lives of thousands…

Whats the damaged nail in your life?

 your training? your thoughts?

Is that damaged nail keeping you from want and where you wanna be?

Is it costing you your life??? Or creating it?

make […] Read more




Walter Walker ( MMA ..joined as member)

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Sean Barnes (military bad ass)

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John Crisostomo ( MMA)

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Henric Razon (MMA..joined as a […] Read more

quality weight gain

Muscle weighs more that fat….that dead weight just hangs there…like our blog post earlier stated that weight was negative bullshitty people that are counter productive to you achieving your goals…

How many agree that just losing weight isnt enough… dropping a bullshit friend or elimination of negative situations doesn’t get you to your goals…

Building quality muscle while losing weight usually gets achiever to their goals faster. The way to build quality muscle is thru stress….

To grow we grow tough thru winning some form of resistance training…so we as achievers need to one lose weight and at the same time […] Read more