Act in spite of Anything

What causes you to stop? Fear? Well in all ways fear widdles down to death. Fear rejection shrinks to fear of being alone, to alone for life to dying alone. Or losing as fear shrinks down to failing people, letting them down, To again being alone to dying. Human beings are tribal by gods design. so alone sucks, but fear of whatever is the starting points. Good part is its self inflicted. No one died from taking on fear and rejection head on. I’ve learned from lots of Coaches, mentors, family, friends even my girl that fear can grip everyone in key moments. But more important, keep you stagnant when you desire forward motion but can’t dictate the outcome.
When its time to move life forward and fear settles in. Fight and fear comes, lose and fear of losing comes again.

You must train yourself to act in spite of anything.
Cause if you can’t do something you desire… then you have to remind yourself that you must do it or you will be stuck there!!!!

At war horse we focus on the body and the mind. Strong mind, stronger body.

That is the difference between winning and victory. You can win. But defeat a fear or limiting belief and you are the Victor. Winners lose but a victor never does. People fear victorious people. Cause they always win.

Take that attitude about succeeding, and you MUST become victorious.

War horse is the victorious process. Act in spite of anything.

No love just war