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Combat Strong / 100 Strong Camps

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Warhorse Strength Camp Presents Hawaii’s Strongest Athlete Competition and Charity Event on September 17, 2011. This will be the first competition of it’s kind in Hawaii, so you don’t want to miss it!

Come join us as we witness some of the strongest athletes in Hawaii go head to head in a showcase of raw strength and endurance as they battle for the title of Warhorse Strength Camp’s first ever Strongest Athlete in Hawaii.

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What is A War Horse?

When you go to war you want something backing you. Something that’s strong, dependable, and gives you an edge. In past years, War Horses were this edge. They allowed armies to go further for longer periods. War Horses gave commanders greater power, strength, and command on the battle field. They forever changed the landscape of war and became synonymous with victory, pride, and winning.

At War Horse Strength we capture this same symbolism. The War Horse is our symbol of victory, of getting up, taking on life, and ridding valiantly into the storm. It is the part of us that […] Read more