Wrestling Strength vs bodybuilding

This freestyle wrestling season I have seen some wrestling beasts. Being a strength and conditioning coach I tend to see lots of athletes that think going to the gym and doing workouts they see bodybuilding athletes do will add to their performance. The difference is the art of combat is hinged on the athletes ability to combine strength and conditioning under pressure against a like kind force. Body building builds muscle…..

But specialized strength training for wrestling strength builds beasts.

Lots of wrestlers make that mistake. Thinking big muscles will help them against their opponent.

Athletes tend to gain muscles in […] Read more

No retreat

No retreat….sounds simple right?

If you really put honesty in it, evertime you set a goal, and dont fight tooth and nail to get it….you fucking retreat.

If you aren’t staying up late, getting up early thinking about, working on or chasing your goals with every breath you breathe…

then your goals suck….

get new goals….

Then…No retreat!!!

No love…just war!!!

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Are warriors ever really ready for battle?

Are warriors ever really ready for battle?

Yes and no.

The “ready” is the grey area…

If you are committed to what you claim to be a warrior in you should be a student of war in all ways. All to often battle comes in its rawest form. It comes at dawn…it comes at stand to. When you have your weapons but no amour. We as achievers welcome challenges but mistake guts for nuts.

Any athlete or person of top performance has learned the art of war and adapted to playing the game in a state of acceptance. Acceptance of outcome. So […] Read more

Ego problem

I was reminded today by one of my warhorse members of the reason my world is full of achiever and athletes…..

It’s because I have an ego problem.

So do my all members….

Most achiever and athletes are ego driven. Let’s face it…we wanna fuckin win, outperform, look cool, be stronger than the others, be successful.
We have a never say die, constructive disatisfaction attitude.

People that aren’t ego driven, they don’t care, they dont want to win, be seen, or stand out from their pack. They would hate to win 1st place and stand on the top podium and let the world […] Read more

Membership options vs College Tuition

For a caring parent of a HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETE thats aspiring to make it big to college…

Athletes that make it from high school to college have an edge… they train extra and work harder than others. They get the free ride

For the high school athlete that just wants to be a marginal player but still make his was to college… its gonna cost ya.

The average college tuition is about 15k-30k a year and in some cases a semester…

War horse strength training membership options range is $2340-$4500 per year to possibly get a sports scholarship for being a standout by doing strength […] Read more

It takes hard f**kin work!!!

Hey, ill be the first to admit….I have lots of things not go as planned. Failed endevors, failed relationships, bad ideas etc.

But for every one of the things that went wrong I learned one thing…… all the shit that did right took hard fucking work!!!

That get rich, get strong in 30 day shit don’t fucking work…

All the shit that seems to work for athletes and high achievers took hard work over time to achieve.

At war horse strength camp hard fucking work is key. Champions know and are committed to this before they become members. If you drag ass, you […] Read more

If not you then who?

If you ain’t gonna get on the ball and kill it….then who is?

Man, if you dont train, don’t study your sport, business, your opponent…..how the hell you planning to win?

The world is full of victims?

Victims want to be victims. Cause it feels good not be accountable and blame others….

Happiness is to be taken….warriors, Go get yours!!!

Cause if it ain’t you…who is it?

Either ride the fucking warhorse or walk…..

We don’t want people who are willing to let others get whats rightfully our!!!

No love here. just war!!!!

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lnflicted pain forces change

In evolution on all things pain brings about change. Whether its the hooked claw on the paw of pandas to eat bamboo shoots to the human race domination of all other creatures on the planet…the inflicted pain brought pain and cause change.

For athletes, the inflicted pain whether from outside opponets or external creates change. To Excel the pain must get accepted, processed, researched, strategized, adjusted, exercised and applied.

It strength training….we train thru perceived inflicted pain and the adjustment causes changes to your body and conditioning to compensate for repeated stresses.

In wrestling when you apply pain your opponent adjusts and […] Read more

Taken or Given

In war a soldier doesn’t have choices as we do. The daily decision is only 2….. live or die.

When we watch the news this Memorial day remember the grave yards contain lives claimed by decisions….

A decision either one warrior made to live by taking a life….or die by giving a life.

One warrior decides to die by allowing others to live.

And the other commits to take lives in place of his own so others must die.

Blessed are the warriors that participate in the
“theater of war.” Great men and women of all stature are designed within it.

No love just war!!!! […] Read more

Constructive disatisfaction

One of my mentors spoke of constructive disatisfaction….which I always have. Example….I opened the warehouse, everything is ready to go but I’m not feeling the place. I pictured the walls looking cool. Seen pic of other gyms and want mines to have the same feel… or training tonight, I was very upset with my performance. I hate, hate, hate feeling like I could do better! Or that I wish I could create a certain habit I want faster, or get a move immediately. While I’m good, Im constantly asking how was it? What can i work on that you […] Read more