Act in spite of Anything

What causes you to stop? Fear? Well in all ways fear widdles down to death. Fear rejection shrinks to fear of being alone, to alone for life to dying alone. Or losing as fear shrinks down to failing people, letting them down, To again being alone to dying. Human beings are tribal by gods design. so alone sucks, but fear of whatever is the starting points. Good part is its self inflicted. No one died from taking on fear and rejection head on. I’ve learned from lots of Coaches, mentors, family, friends even my girl that […] Read more

Nobody gave me s**t, I made me

I was driving listening to Jay-z and he was rapping about his rise and growth of rocafella records. He said…” nobody gave us shit, we made us.” That made me pause for a second and think how I had gotten to where I was. How I make my decisions, how I have a clear vision of what I want, hell…even about me and my girl.

Nobody gave me shit I made me.

You gotta see the same. I see fighters and wrestlers, business people, etc and some feel like they are somehow owed a shot at greatness. […] Read more

No One who doubts me is allowed

I have a very strict rule I base my decisions on. No one that doubts me is allowed. I mean that within my soul. If I feel someone doubts my abilities as a person or that ill meet my objectives in life I dump their ass faster than I can run the 40 yard dash.

Yesterday I was reminded about how I really am and what I’m capable of by another war horse warrior and great friend. His name is Charles Hew-len. He was named one of the 20 in 20 business men to watch in the Hawaii Business News Magazine… […] Read more

Want to be a "Made" guy? Join my MOB

I have a tight vision for this Strength Camp.  I guess I see it like the Mob. I see it as a tight family of the toughest athletes in Hawaii. Bonded like a family with two ways in.

Hard work and willingness to complete the tasks at hand. Once we fill the numbers… Yous cant get in!!!! Haha

My outcome that I seek is 50 members strong. paying their dues, and kickin a**!!!!

Just like any other Private clubs, their should be benefits of belonging… Like having special treatment, chances to be places that others can’t be, go places others cant go. Also not […] Read more

What do ya'll do over there?

What do ya’ll do over there?

Thats a tough question for me… I get asked that question all the time… I was at a fight… ( well, kinda, the purse got stolen so no show) and Diego Sanchez ( nice guy to say the least) asked me that same question. All I could really say was you have to come try it out. I was hoping to not seem like a dick, but how do you describe something you are passionate about in a matter of seconds to someone?

War horse strength camp philosophy is simple to me but is complex to […] Read more


Everybody at some point liked Superman. But what made him super wasnt just that he could fly…It was that he made flying look easy. If he would’ve been flopping all around he would’ve been seen as a sidekick more than a hero. Some people look at mma or wrestling and see the finesse or the grit and think they can handle it. All because that athlete made it Look easy….

…. it ain’t easy. Sacrifices were made…

Everyone wants to just get it cause they saw someone bang and think… that looks easy…

That athlete had to spend less time with family. […] Read more

War horse strength camp call to action

Our goal is to be the best there is. We dont aspire to have a million members. There ain’t that many mentally tough guys out there. We only want the small part of the population of guys thats willing to kick a** and not say I’m sorry for wanting to win. Our mission is 50 strong.
50 out of the 1000’s who will try but still fail.

50 guys thats willing to go first.

Once our soldiers have been selected… no outsiders are allowed.

50 strong to lead the way for everyone to see.

That war horse strength camp is the best […] Read more

4 Ways to outpace everyone and everything you face

I’ll keep it super short….

1) You gotta bite the bullet..Do whatever you gotta do… but right now!!! Get in and get sh*t done… No matter what!!!

2) Stop bitchin about whats on your plate.. like complaining about you didnt get enough rest, or you gotta work. Thank God you got a job and or a family to stay up late with, or you’re healty enough that you arent having some nurse wipe your a** and feed you everyday.

3) Do the hard sh*t  first. When we do all the easy sh*t we leave the door open to put things off… whether its […] Read more