Nails are an interesting thing…. I heard in a movie or something a guy mentioned something about a nail…

Gave me some perspective on how little things affect big things…

He mentioned that something so small as a damaged nail in the shoe on the hoof of a horse of a messenger, sent to deliver a message of peace to the king of a empire at battle could cost the lives of thousands…

Whats the damaged nail in your life?

 your training? your thoughts?

Is that damaged nail keeping you from want and where you wanna be?

Is it costing you your life??? Or creating it?

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Walter Walker ( MMA ..joined as member)

Daniel lunceford (military )

Christian pasco ( bad ass…joined as member)

Harold Palma ( bad ass…joined as member)

Evan Arakawa ( GNC, bad ass… joined as member)

Lester Ventura ( bad ass)

Christian Lee ( student, BJJ player)

James castro ( bad ass… Joined as member)

Casey Gapol (BJJ, boxing… joind as a member)

Sean Barnes (military bad ass)

Dexter Naira ( bad ass…joined as member)

Deacon Bumanglag ( bad ass…Joined as a member)

John Crisostomo ( MMA)

Travis Arredondo ( MMA…join as a member)

Kevin Natividad (BJJ)

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quality weight gain

Muscle weighs more that fat….that dead weight just hangs there…like our blog post earlier stated that weight was negative bullshitty people that are counter productive to you achieving your goals…

How many agree that just losing weight isnt enough… dropping a bullshit friend or elimination of negative situations doesn’t get you to your goals…

Building quality muscle while losing weight usually gets achiever to their goals faster. The way to build quality muscle is thru stress….

To grow we grow tough thru winning some form of resistance training…so we as achievers need to one lose weight and at the same time […] Read more

1 thing you must do to lose weight…truth!

This is an article long overdue. Since we tend to deal with motivated achievers only….you won’t be offended by this truth…use it to help you lose weight…if you’re offended, good…you need the truth…

Most achievers are overweight and dont even know…they got bad habits, shitty friends, unsupportive girlfriend….

So…1st step to losing weight is start by not connecting wit mufakas that aren’t on your team! That’s half your weight right there…this shit kills me. I see people with other people thats using them cause they need a ride to go train, or a partner for this and that! It fricking rediculous […] Read more

Death ground

As a warrior of today we must study warriors of the past…
Sun tsu general that the book the art of war was written about…
He put his armies in a situation the he called “death ground.”
A mental toughness environment that was to him was a way to take away any escape routes…that its death or victory….his armies were place with mountains at their backs, or rough terrains to take away the ability to retreat during battle…so they fought viciously, they were said to have fought like men demon possessed.

Herman Cortes decided to conquer an aztec area of Mexico his crews […] Read more


Yesterday was great…was at warhorse in the morning…had a great mental toughness workout after some of our fighters and a military soldier finished their trainings. My workouts tend to be a bit different than my athletes since I’m competitive but not competing. I kept the running and sled work out since I figured id be sore today and would use sleds, sprints and some skill work as a recovery workout. So the workout went like this

Sandbad lapload to clean and press
50 reps strict deload with a bear hug before dropping

42: 06 was how long it took.

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Sheep to the slaughter

At some point we decide….decide to stop bitching about the cost to win……

Decide that you’d rather die living than live dying…..

That at some point you as an athlete will do what’s required to win, to drive on…..that you’re willing to stop being a sheep lead to slaughter….some never decide….they stay in line, conform and die….they won’t join a gym like ours, they ask for favors, say it cost too much, they don’t have a lions mind….an army of lions lead by a sheep will easily be defeated by an army of sheep lead by a lion….

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Funtional strength training fact or fiction?

At warhorse strength camp our members are typically athletes or athletic. We have the occasionial weekend warrior but mostly the reason for training at our gym is functionality….

So a workout consisting of muscle building pretty boy exercises that don’t provide our athletes with what their sport moment needs won’t serve them…

Most athletes hand around the weight room trying to look good and get trampled by other athletes doing just basic shit….for example…

Try this workout vs this workout….test functionality workout fact or fiction?

Rope climbing 3 acend and 3 decends body weight only for 2 weeks daily…work your way up to 10 […] Read more

Warhorse strength syndicate…coming soon

The basic definition of a syndication is a group for people coming together for a desired outcome.

So let’s say you wanted to go to California. The airline created the flight to California for lots of people all wanting to get there… you and about 100 others agree by buying a ticket that you all WANT the same thing….to go to California. You invest in the ticket, with the others that want to get to cali, the airline hires pilots as managers and eventually you All get to california… you were all a syndicate.

Warhorse strength camps vision has always been […] Read more


1 is a lonely number as an elete athlete. Not 1 athlete has made history alone….there had always been a mentor, a force thats driven them.

As a coach I look to be one of the designers of greatness….warhorse to be the begining of the 1 that envokes the many!!!!

Relentless, commitment, and pressure are ingredients to great athletes… great men!!!!

Wage war… love….just war!!!!

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