Warhorse strength camp closes our doors

Warhorse strength camp closes our doors….

There is sooooooo many bull shit people out there….I’m closing my doors and only taking athletes either I chose or my coaches and members refer…

Too many people say…oh yeah…I wanna train and fucking lie…oh coach I wanna train but no more money…if you cant fucking get a paper route, cut grass, ask your grandma to help out…you won’t ever really rise to your frickin best….at first I was second guessing my ability of running this business…then I listened to a rant from one of my coach mentors and he was talking about similar […] Read more

practice what i preach….

My motivation was no where to be found today:..so tonight I took a walk…when I was walking I found myself playing victim….wondering, questioning who I am, why I exist? I walked past a house or two and realized what I was doing and immediately quoted my personal virtues….repeated my statement of power that reminds me without a doubt that I’m not delivered here to be defeated…nor does failure flow thru me….

I practice what I preach…..I took the time and reread some of my articles….to motivate me, remind me of how powerful I can be…if I want to be….I don’t pretend […] Read more

Science fiction

I have had lots of scholars question our methods…people pretend they wanna learn from us but really just try to judge it… people with lots of book smarts but no real coaching skills….lots of bull shit stuff that doesn’t work…well not for long….not for champions.

I have had people try do stuff with us and do nothing but question….wanna be master but never the student…guys have stood ARM folded, tell others to breath or bend their knees but never try to BECOME a warhorse….

Science says to a young asthmatic, boy with bad knees and feet he will never run, be […] Read more

Winner by definition?

At the moment I have been sitting, waiting and a question popped into my head…

A question that I would like to share with you all out of friendship… of love, from warrior to warrior, if you see yourself that way…

Do want to win?
even my answer to that question is yes… win at everything… life, love and goals…. my girl reminded me of the pressures I put on myself to win at times… the commitment taken sometimes with no possible way to succeed, that the pressures I put on me far exceed any external pressurses. That my commitment and word I […] Read more

Like your life depended on it…

I write a lot….I think a lot….I like to think i take action….but none as is if my life depended on it…

Most actions we take are because of fear of not taking them….but what if you took step after step as if this action kept death from your door….

You would train for real, you would treat an I love you like a real expression. You would win or die trying to….because every step you took would form an inch that would turn into a fucking mile that would keep you alive….

This must be the bushido of warhorse….live by living as […] Read more


Being willing to lose it all opens your mind to the possibilities and the abilities to gain it all…

Unless you’re willing to lose everything you’ve ever blood sweated and teared for you will gain nothing!!!

Everyone talks a good game about winning, knocking guys out, pinning their opponent, submitting people, running 99 yard returns….even just passing a test or starting something new…

But most people young and old aren’t willing…

Willing to put the time in to be great.
Willing to fail first
Willing to get pinned
Willing to get knocked out
Willing to go thru whatever it takes….just for that one chance to […] Read more

Its not about how big it is….its how you use it

I’ve heard chicks say this to guys that were concerned about whether girls care about size…lol

This isn’t about that. But what it is about is about warhorse strength camp…. its about staying concentrated on a small group of committed athletes….about having the right amount of equipment and using to to be effective….

It’s not about size…..can be one or 10 exercises…it how we use it….

Warhorse strength camps challenge is getting the right trainers in for our style of training. Most coaches and trainers think you need treadmills and fancy text book shit to train athletes…blows their mind when they […] Read more

Warhorse workouts…

When warhorse workouts are created, tested and distributed to our athletes… they have been tested, tried out and applied. Our methodology is simple. we work till the work is done. It must test us physically first and create a mental test towards the end. our athletes are prompted to maintain a sense of pressure, a new will power through this work. The science of a this is just that….science…. it proves nothing…..

Work is the real test… not some controlled B.S. experiment

for example… as a test for myself (my needs are different) sometimes I set my timer for 30 mins and […] Read more

Reasons you cant….

Yesterday we held our first ever strongest athlete event….great effort was displayed by every athlete that competed….it was inspiring!!! Some from our camp some were but all warrior spirited to say the least…

I was expecting 100s of competitors and 1000s of onlookers and police directing traffic etc…..cause that’s how my mind works….and for me that’s what happened…..in the energy of the athletes of the men that competed equalled out to an army of 100 and my onlookers admiration of them equated to a 1000.

A few said this wasn’t gonna happen…..
Here were the reasons why I couldnt…..

No contacts,
No sponsorship
No background
No […] Read more

I dont wanna train i just wanna watch…( we knew this was coming)

Remember when you were younger and your dog was taking a dump in the yard…there was a trick that by holding your fingers clamped together and standing infront of the dog…it wasn’t able to s**t..lol
I used to do it…hell, I still do when im in a good mood…

But that trick doesn’t really work….its just akward as all hell for the dog…you’re watching him shit, holding your own fingers in the air laughing as he pushes and turns away for privacy…lol.
He’s concentrating….and you’re playing around…

Same as trying to only watch my athletes strength training…you’re playing around while theyre frickin concentrating.

All […] Read more