Wrestlers, MMA fighters, and football players in Hawaii should always be producing "figs"…regardless of what frickin Holiday it is!!!!

Even if you dont believe in the bible, or God or Jesus you know about them… You can believe what you want, thats fine, but from faith to faith production is a constant… even Jesus worked on the the sabbath within his design to glorify the Lord God, Buddha worked to glorify, Mohammad worked to glorify…. Always producing, regardless of the season…

Im gonna make someone cry, I know it…That’s great, log off the page, dont come back but i’ll give it to you straight cause I’m already hearing people make excuses…


Ill use a story…from the bible.

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Warhorse strength camp reviews…what every wrestler, mma fighter,football player and combat athlete MUST know before attending this camp!!!

This coaching facility it not for everyone….I know, I struggle with it myself….I said it a long ttime ago, I wanted to create a place where hard core people are proud to call home….if you aren’t REALLY sure about working out and training, this is NOT THE PLACE TO GO!!!

we go to events, put on warm UPS and workouts, in groups of 20-40 people about 5-8 people even among athletes come and become warhorse members… it not against people who dont, its just the numbers within the numbers.


As a football player, there’s one championship team, fighters know that you win […] Read more

Why defeats the how…wrestling ,mma,football training hawaii

If you didn’t know by now as a quality athlete the bar has been set high by tv and reality shows, flashy bullshit and Nike commercials to win.

People everywhere think they can fight, kids wrestle in the yard, football is played in the streets by kids that at school sit alone and do nothing… the image of the winner is displayed, flashes of the work is shown but never the work it takes to finish….

The reason there is so few BJ Penns, so few Kaluka Maiavas, so few Kamakas, Coppers, Corbets, etc ( not that these are the only top […] Read more

Clear vision vs. percieved blindness

I sent a personal ebook I wrote to the Facebook friend world…and I’m gonna set shit straight before it starts….some bonehead in a past post said I focus on money so that same bonehead while before reading anything i write will judge it….good, stay stupid…but for my family ill explain….

Before the millions is a name…money is an idea….money to an athlete is the feeling of the trophy, the belt, the top spot….

For my life I wanted to express if u want a million dollars you have to mentally prepare your mind for the concept….its not the having it that […] Read more

Never stop!

Never stop…..

at some point, it will get harder…

Wait, let me rephrase that….what starts off hard eventually gets easier….and what starts off easy tends to get hard…

Either way never stop.

I say that because no matter what you’re looking to do, be and have Never stop!!!!

Never love….always war!!!!

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How to train like an athletes?

Why would you wanna train like an athlete?

Long hours, watching what you eat? Not hanging out? Going bed late, doing the same movement over and over again?

The trade to win is a real thing…

You MUST let go of all the reservations of training, of all fears of losing:…you must begin to think like an athlete to train like one….to train like one you must embrace the trade…to train like an athlete you must become more than human…

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Warhorse strength coach hustles strength training like hes hustling his demo outta the trunk of his car!!!

Warhorse strength camp is like a demo cd to me. Its like a hit rap demo cd  that I put my blood sweat and tears into for my athletes. Warhorse strength camp  is the rap that has my full Passion thats hard, raw, its grimey and street.. I stay out all day and  night in the gym (recording studio)creating hard hitting trainings for the athletes that have been waiting for ryhmes like these… theyre tired of the mainstream rap (trainings)  that the other (rappers)gyms say they play ( do trainings) for athletes

( which my audience  will love  our rap cause its for […] Read more

Get stronger mentally, physically and spiritally using work outs for wrestlers, mma fighters, and football players…here me out!

Todays workout for me was

Sandbag clean n press x 5
Keg shouldering 20 yards each shoulder 105lbs keg
200lbs bear hug carries without grip 20 yards
For max rounds 30 mins, no water, no breaks, just war…
Then max rep sandbag squats …got 41 stopped after form broke down.
Keg pushups max reps got 39 reps
Then 40 yard with homemade tire thick handle farmers walk..x 2 rounds

I know this seems like something other than a workout t some…no the point…the point was at some point I wasn’t there…if you look at the performance of top athletes there’s a moment of spirited control. As a football […] Read more

Warhorse strength camp recent action takers (October continuation)

Sage Foster ( high school athlete….football, wrestling, baseball…joined)

Stephen Thomas ( Fire fighter candidate…Joined)

Sara Pasco ( Female Beast… Joined)

Malerie Abdon ( BJJ player female  Beast)

Aston Srock (Teacher…joined)

Jay Saumala ( beast.. Joined)

Izen Sagote ( youth athlete.. Beast)

Darren Kai Oshiro ( Martial Artist… Beast)

denzel Johnson (youth BJJ… beast)

James Contreras ( Military…beast )

Henderena M (MIlitary.. Beast)

Jarrod Miyamoto ( MMA, Boxing, BJJ, Beast…Joined)

Marc Kumai (Kickboxing, Beast..Joined)

Lenny Maxwell (beast…joined)

Tylor Pavao ( MMA …Beast… joined)

Daniel Lunceford (military… Joined)

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! for taking action!!!!  NO LOVE… Just War!!! 

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