Clear vision vs. percieved blindness

I sent a personal ebook I wrote to the Facebook friend world…and I’m gonna set shit straight before it starts….some bonehead in a past post said I focus on money so that same bonehead while before reading anything i write will judge it….good, stay stupid…but for my family ill explain….

Before the millions is a name…money is an idea….money to an athlete is the feeling of the trophy, the belt, the top spot….

For my life I wanted to express if u want a million dollars you have to mentally prepare your mind for the concept….its not the having it that you need to prepare for…you prepare for the hunt…

Donald trump always referenced the best way to explain the game to people who dont play is tell em the score…7-0… non athletes understand someone lost….so reverse it….with. millions…since we are playing the game we can say, before the championships, before the belt, before the state title before the super bowl….get it???!!!

If not, move on…your a dumb ass and don’t wanna get it!!!
Winners no whiners….

Warhorse has stopped loving, and only wages war!!!