Get stronger mentally, physically and spiritally using work outs for wrestlers, mma fighters, and football players…here me out!

Todays workout for me was

Sandbag clean n press x 5
Keg shouldering 20 yards each shoulder 105lbs keg
200lbs bear hug carries without grip 20 yards
For max rounds 30 mins, no water, no breaks, just war…
Then max rep sandbag squats …got 41 stopped after form broke down.
Keg pushups max reps got 39 reps
Then 40 yard with homemade tire thick handle farmers walk..x 2 rounds

I know this seems like something other than a workout t some…no the point…the point was at some point I wasn’t there…if you look at the performance of top athletes there’s a moment of spirited control. As a football player that catches a winning pass if he was worried he wouldn’t catch the pass…? He’ ll say, honestly it fell into my hands…it was the perfect pass…not true that athletes spirit was perfect for the moment.

Hard workouts used to be respected…now people dont want it.. not all our trainings will leave you crawling out the door they will all have you on a quiet place of spiritual strength for a few minutes…after my workout today I sat meditation sytle on the floor of the shower for about 20 mins… LOL while not a laughing matter I meditated, was able to really be silent for a moment because I had literally given all I had in that moment… I always see my athletes after a good time under tension workout sitting quietly thinking… Alaways asking them if theyre ok, they all say the same thing… Oh yeah, Just chilling….

The term I used to use was personal development through physical exhaustion shouldve been  spiritual strengthening through physical exhaustion… serves to be true!!!

hard work brings the warrior spirit back to the surface… Picture this

warriors of today typically train to not train…no spiritual cleansing thru hard work…from Greece to Japan warriors believed that the training was spiritual and the battle was a part of death..:.with the work death was eminent.

So work hard and train until the spirit and body line up to complete the warrior…