No One who doubts me is allowed

I have a very strict rule I base my decisions on. No one that doubts me is allowed. I mean that within my soul. If I feel someone doubts my abilities as a person or that ill meet my objectives in life I dump their ass faster than I can run the 40 yard dash.

Yesterday I was reminded about how I really am and what I’m capable of by another war horse warrior and great friend. His name is Charles Hew-len. He was named one of the 20 in 20 business men to watch in the Hawaii Business News Magazine… congratulations bro… you deserve it!

What he did was remind me of something I do that I tend to hide from my athletes, parents, and friends… I am a highly sought after motivational speaker and educator. I have been on tv, countless talk shows, radio, teleseminars, commercial ads, quoted in ad campaigns, speak on stages, and motivate people nationally in business or on why results aren’t happening for them and what to do to change their thoughts. I’m damned good too!!!

I also hadn’t mentioned to that business group I do seminars and speaking engagements to about strength training and that I’m a frickin beast until now. Some people are paying a company I work with up to 5000 dollars to have specialized business training and individualized coaching with me.

So as an athlete do you think my strength camp can help you grow physically and mentally?
Don’t you think the trainings I create have everything to do with growing you as a person as well as a athlete.
Knowing what you know now, the membership fees should seem like pennies in comparison to what people pay to have coaching with me and the other business coaches through that company ( they only get an hour a month…just on the phone and email.)

Am I not more of a value to you?

You’re damned right I’m a big time value!!!! Cause I want you to win!!!!

I say that cause I have no doubts. I can’t doubt “me”, and because of it I can’t let anyone doubt it either.  I must believe whole heartedly I am the best. If not I will shrink mentally. I must push me to push you. So no doubting is allowed. Not even in myself.

Anyone who doubts it isn’t allowed. I’m talking negative thoughts…. Whatever that is for you.

When i was a kid at 12 I left my mothers house and my dads at 14. And I used all the shitty energy everyone gave me to succeed. Still do. I have it in my head that I am unstoppable! That at every moment I turn the corner greatness awaits. I would cut off anyone who doubts me. You must do the same. You want greatness? You want to be dubbed the champion? Anyone not helping grow who you want to be is taking part in creating who you are trying to avoid becoming. With you or against you. Period. I love my girl….she’s on my team. My kids…on my team. My war horse family…. on my team. Anyone doubting my vision of this camp and where its heading is not allowed. I dont mind burning bridges and pissing people off to achieve my outcomes. So don’t doubt what’s happening here.

Thanks again Charles…

No love… just war!!!!