Nobody gave me s**t, I made me

I was driving listening to Jay-z and he was rapping about his rise and growth of rocafella records. He said…” nobody gave us shit, we made us.” That made me pause for a second and think how I had gotten to where I was. How I make my decisions, how I have a clear vision of what I want, hell…even about me and my girl.

Nobody gave me shit I made me.

You gotta see the same. I see fighters and wrestlers, business people, etc and some feel like they are somehow owed a shot at greatness. Fuck that! Just cause you train or workout, think you had it hard don’t mean you get a fucking handout. Get real. I know this is a shock to some of you scholars out there too!!! Cause you post up in college for 8 years don’t mean shit. If you aint making you, you ain’t getting shit.

I talked to local magazine guys and newspapers about our growth and vision all the time. They want us in the magazine but by the normal means. That’s not my vision. At some point everyone will look at war horse strength camp and say damn, wish I could have got in earlier.
Kinda like trying to get to know my girl right now. She aint having it. It’s too late. She mines. Ha ha! Same as war horse strength camp. All the people I talk to about the camp wants to fancy us up. Make us mainstream. Not get us interviews, unless we discuss not about what we do but who comes. Unless my member wants to talk about it…. it aint gonna happen. Let’s talk about the vision. We are many… we are more that one or two guys. We bust ass here. Athletes come here to get better…physically and mentally. If we only talked about one athlete is that fair to the others? War horse is a body of men fighting to live life to the fullest. Anyone trying to dummy my camp down to one star can never interview us. Fuck that shit. Here whether its 10 or 100 members we have 1 mindset. Nobody gave us shit. We made us…and nobodys letting us have it…were twistin and takin it. Were putting in work daily… late nights early morning…. rain or shine.

I’m gonna ride war horse strength camps vision all the way to the top without bending or comprises. If they won’t let us in…. we’ll force our way in. Because I know all the warriors here are destined for greatness.

They all know it too. Nobody gave them shit….they made themselves. They’re no victims here.

Are you willing to stop bitchin, grab your balls, and get after what you want without comprise?
Open your own doors in life? Join war horse strength camp.
Lazy asses…this camp ain’t for you. Don’t come.
Cause when we can go to any venue, tv news station, any show, and sit front row….we will be sure our camp is the standard. We will earn it. Cause no one gave us shit, we made us.

Be proud of haters, back stabbers and complainers for trying to set you back. They keep us on our guard.

No love just war here