Sheep to the slaughter

At some point we decide….decide to stop bitching about the cost to win……

Decide that you’d rather die living than live dying…..

That at some point you as an athlete will do what’s required to win, to drive on…..that you’re willing to stop being a sheep lead to slaughter….some never decide….they stay in line, conform and die….they won’t join a gym like ours, they ask for favors, say it cost too much, they don’t have a lions mind….an army of lions lead by a sheep will easily be defeated by an army of sheep lead by a lion….

Athletes that say they wanna win that won’t do the extra work to be better are sheep to the slaughter…they will grow to be the annoying guy at the job in the break room talking about the glory days of high school…he has been slaughtered by his own mind…..he is sheep