Everybody at some point liked Superman. But what made him super wasnt just that he could fly…It was that he made flying look easy. If he would’ve been flopping all around he would’ve been seen as a sidekick more than a hero. Some people look at mma or wrestling and see the finesse or the grit and think they can handle it. All because that athlete made it Look easy….

…. it ain’t easy. Sacrifices were made…

Everyone wants to just get it cause they saw someone bang and think… that looks easy…

That athlete had to spend less time with family. Training, more training, eat, less, eat more, drill more, sleep less, cut weight…..some basic shit that must take place to grace the mat.

Here at war horse strength camp I wanted to create trainings that are hard as hell. So when its time to fly you will fly with ease. Your fight will seem like a fricking stroll thru the tulips. Making you the superman that make flying look easy. To do that, we train in the old school strength and conditioning fashion. Logs, Kegs, rope climbing, sand bags, dragging and pushing heavy shit. The way shit was done back in the days, athletes weren’t so spoiled. Bitchin about getting dirty or sweating. They weren’t f**king around. They trained hard. They were respected. A athlete wasn’t confused as a regular person. They were like super heros.

We decided that we blend conditioning for our sport with hard core strength training thats worked for years.
No fancy shit here.

But with our work ethic, you will make it look easy. Work like a mutha here and you’ll make your match and fight look easy out there.

Like I said before. People like superman not just because he flies but because he makes flying look easy.

No love just war