Want to be a "Made" guy? Join my MOB

I have a tight vision for this Strength Camp.  I guess I see it like the Mob. I see it as a tight family of the toughest athletes in Hawaii. Bonded like a family with two ways in.

Hard work and willingness to complete the tasks at hand. Once we fill the numbers… Yous cant get in!!!! Haha

My outcome that I seek is 50 members strong. paying their dues, and kickin a**!!!!

Just like any other Private clubs, their should be benefits of belonging… Like having special treatment, chances to be places that others can’t be, go places others cant go. Also not just anybody can walk in and disturb our family. Everyone giving you respect of knowing you made it through situations they can’t or couldnt. In the “Mob” it’s called being  “made”. So are you ready to be a “Made” Guy?

War Horse Strength camp is growing very quickly.

If you think you have what it takes… You better say something, Dont get shut out!!!!

Join our family, go to the membership options, and call us to set up your 2 trial workouts. Join the strongest camp around

No Love just war!!!!