War Horse Strength Camp creates physical and mentally tougher athletes

Take away the ring, the cage, the mat, and the crowd and all you have is a man. Or a growing young man. If he isnt doing anything to test his strength mentally and physically outside of sports or competition, he may crack under the pressures of life. Having a baby, losing a job, death of a loved one. Life changes that effect everyone, right?

Well how you do anything is how you do everything!!!

Most guys train and fight to tell everyone and seem cool. Guys like that half ass and show boat, make excuses and don’t show up to help people who helped them. Out of habitual actions most will likely repeat the same attitude in all life situations…. most don’t test who they are and what they can do ” on purpose.” They let life happen then bitch about the uncontrollables. They dont look at every situation as another chance to win. To be the example of who to be. Show the world they are more than a victim.
Meaning seeing life in all thing we do. Then go and do somethin about it.

At war horse strength camp we create mentally and physically tougher athletes by challenging then to be stronger as men. Take the extra shit away from one of us and were still strong. Because all our trainings grows us at the core. What will you do under pressure?

Will you push? Keep going? Or quit!!!???

Everything we do tests our actions. Tests us mentally, thru testing us physically…were creating mentally and physically tougher men. Because of this ” on purpose ” training, nothing can stop us!!!! Nothing!!!

No love just war!!!!