Warhorse strength camp reviews…what every wrestler, mma fighter,football player and combat athlete MUST know before attending this camp!!!

This coaching facility it not for everyone….I know, I struggle with it myself….I said it a long ttime ago, I wanted to create a place where hard core people are proud to call home….if you aren’t REALLY sure about working out and training, this is NOT THE PLACE TO GO!!!

we go to events, put on warm UPS and workouts, in groups of 20-40 people about 5-8 people even among athletes come and become warhorse members… it not against people who dont, its just the numbers within the numbers.



As a football player, there’s one championship team, fighters know that you win or lose, wrestling its win or lose….combat athletes like military soldiers in war environments live or die….so the one set of numbers within the group win, the other lose… as a gym we make a point to cater to the 5-8 that wanna win…that wanna live….

so this camp is hard, designed to make the 3% better. as a guarantee if you come to warhorse strength camp, commit 100% to training of our philosophies for the 90 days minimum we require, 100% to your nutrition, to the mental toughness of this place and the family of members and see absolutely NO GROWTH… meaning you dont get physically and mentally stronger ill let you feed me a live cockroach in the gym, ill Facebook it, and YouTube for you… lol!!!

As a review of this gym we give it 5 of 5 stars…half assers not welcome to give your reviews cause you aint allowed in our gym anyways….

We only want the top 3% of the world!!! Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be the best…you just have to want to be and work like hell for it…

No bad reviews, no eating bugs, no love…just war!!!