Warhorse strength coach hustles strength training like hes hustling his demo outta the trunk of his car!!!

Warhorse strength camp is like a demo cd to me. Its like a hit rap demo cd  that I put my blood sweat and tears into for my athletes. Warhorse strength camp  is the rap that has my full Passion thats hard, raw, its grimey and street.. I stay out all day and  night in the gym (recording studio)creating hard hitting trainings for the athletes that have been waiting for ryhmes like these… theyre tired of the mainstream rap (trainings)  that the other (rappers)gyms say they play ( do trainings) for athletes

( which my audience  will love  our rap cause its for them… its that s**t  that gets them outta their seats and into the ring, field , mat and courts) . I speak the truth, one that offends some and motivates others… While I know that Not everyone likes rap (training like this) They will know it exists.. it may not be appreciated in my life time, most wont play it in the streets but it will be respected…. But for that reason I only approach rap lovers. ( athletes) I want as many ( athletes) rappers with my demo as I can. so when my warhorse concerts drops… the world will fill the seats, they will be singing along already with our athletes… Even without a record deal the world wont be able to deny the hustle that went into making Warhorse strength camp.. My demo rap cd thats sole desire is to make athletes great!!!!
No lOVE… Just WAR!!!  NOW…. Will you play my demo?