Warhorse strength syndicate…coming soon

The basic definition of a syndication is a group for people coming together for a desired outcome.

So let’s say you wanted to go to California. The airline created the flight to California for lots of people all wanting to get there… you and about 100 others agree by buying a ticket that you all WANT the same thing….to go to California. You invest in the ticket, with the others that want to get to cali, the airline hires pilots as managers and eventually you All get to california… you were all a syndicate.

Warhorse strength camps vision has always been to be the edge for people wanting to win….so I been brainstorming the creation of a group of achievers coming together to become mentally stronger, and taking relentless action to complete bigger goals than they ever thought possible…being a syndicate member isn’t about a free ride…achievers know how shit works…it cost to be the boss + tax….it aint free…I only want committed people. People willing to do whatever it takes get the edge….mental toughness is not free…blood sweat and tears is the exchange….taking action inspire of fear is a skill…warhorse strength syndicate is gonna be the achievers and top performance persons resource for specialized mental strength and conditioning…
articles on this site will come down, it will be gym driven, athlete driven, workouts and articles about our members will be the focus… warhorsestrength.com will be for strengthening the body of the achiever. I’m creating warhorse strength syndicate to be the group we can strengthen the mind….

Articles, videos, teleconferences, webinars, and seminars by me and other top performance people, high achievers and world class athletes will be available to syndicate members only!!!

When winners create a team they get coaches and mentors to cover all areas of competition… if you ignore this part you will lose even if you win.

Know thy enemy…it is within. Winners know the biggest fight for them is their own mind. Successful people learn thru training the mind to control the mind….they join groups looking to take success to the next level by elimination of mental blocks…the syndicate