4 Ways to outpace everyone and everything you face

I’ll keep it super short….

1) You gotta bite the bullet..Do whatever you gotta do… but right now!!! Get in and get sh*t done… No matter what!!!

2) Stop bitchin about whats on your plate.. like complaining about you didnt get enough rest, or you gotta work. Thank God you got a job and or a family to stay up late with, or you’re healty enough that you arent having some nurse wipe your a** and feed you everyday.

3) Do the hard sh*t  first. When we do all the easy sh*t we leave the door open to put things off… whether its cutting weight, working on weak areas in your sport… whatever the hard sh*t is for you… start doing that part first…

4) Get rid of fake friends and people around you… Do a monthly friend check.. dont be afraid to cut off a bunch of fake a** friends. Warriors cut destructive and non-supportive relationships off very quickly.
Anyone thats just smiling and cheering you on ALL THE TIME… get rid of em!!! When youre down they’ll bail on you. Its lonely at the top… get used to it.

I know everyone’s saying… “I already know that stuff.” Well unless youre living the dream right now you don’t know it…you may have heard about it, or thought about it… because we apply what we know. We experience what we know. We gain and grow from what we know. So tell me do you “Know?”…. I have been a multi millionaire from a networth standpoint, lost it, made it back and the way that I been able to get sh*t right again was training strength and conditioning, and MMA to keep my mind and body right, and Tithing at my Church even if it was the last bit of money we had. Then mostly did the 4 things that I listed…

I put my head down to make it happen and never looked up. Matter a fact I didnt even talk to anyone that I thought wasnt gonna be a positive motivator. I just kept my mouth shut, Kept working out with the guys that strength trained with me, keep training at 808 Top team with my boys and started focusing on what I wanted to see happen… Not what I didnt want.

If youre still in High school reading this… Most people wont be real and tell you the scoop… I will brutha… I always will be open and honest about life and what it takes to get whatever you want… If you wanna be the best, take action on the 4 things up top and the opportunity will open up… You just gotta make sure your legs are strong enougth to keep stepping through the door.

So you decide to do em or not…

No love…no war