What do ya'll do over there?

What do ya’ll do over there?

Thats a tough question for me… I get asked that question all the time… I was at a fight… ( well, kinda, the purse got stolen so no show) and Diego Sanchez ( nice guy to say the least) asked me that same question. All I could really say was you have to come try it out. I was hoping to not seem like a dick, but how do you describe something you are passionate about in a matter of seconds to someone?

War horse strength camp philosophy is simple to me but is complex to others…We go Back to the basics of hard work…. We are a working mans strength camp that specializes in combat athletes needs. There are no mirrors, NO FANCY SHIT AT ALL!!!! Some guys need that. No kettle bells ( which through a great marketing system and sponsorship have grown in popularity) No machines… If there are I had them made. No treadmills, Hell, If you arent careful you will be drinking from the hose, throwing up in the bushes and pissing by the trees. But this is what men do. There is NO egoes here. IT’S ALL ABOUT TRAINING HERE. NO TITLES,NO BELTS,NO CHAMPS… Just men working their asses off to get better. Our trainings are from my experience “different.” I know lots of strength camps tend to do this whole scientific crap… stand on this puss pad and jump high in the air then push this hydraulic pump…. Blow into this tube and we will create a workout for you… NOT HERE!!!!

Nothing against that style of teaching. I just feel like we are losing enough of the young men in the world to working less. Kids are softer nowadays… Most bitch about taking out the trash and cleaning their own rooms. But they want to drive nice cars, a big house and fight in UFC, or get a wrestling scholarship to a D1 college. Not gonna happen.

I guess in a small way I’m bringing back the roots of athletes that established Strength training. Guys that trained outside, odd objects, farm boys, mountain men. King Kamehameha himself would be proud. I have had countless athletes, business men, military men try us out, and all find this has been the edge that is sometimes missing.

 1000 years ago warriors taught their sons the art of war for service. There was no need to train plyometrics and cardio… They worked and toiled the land. they carried heavy shit. Fell down, got up, worked, and played. A balance that we as men, fathers, brothers and athletes would respect each other for.

 Example of that was last night at the event. ( this is MY opinion) The fights should have went on. I know money is money… But all trained as warriors and all should performed as such. As It became a part of getting paid instead of seeing who was the best for the moment on a skill level. It was a sad place. That’s why I appreciate the members of my strength camp. Its a place to be the best you. Like I always tell people who arent accepted into war horse strength camp… We are also a “personal development company” we create exceptional personal development through physical exhaustion”. Its what you allow it to make of you. Either you quit…. or you grow. As athletes we are called to be better than the general population and thats what I will keep doing creating Hard Core workouts for our athletes to be better…. Thats what we do over here…. So if you really are serious in joining one of the toughest Strength camps on Oahu… with the best combat athletes around….give me a call…. No Love here…. Just WAR!!!!!