Why defeats the how…wrestling ,mma,football training hawaii

If you didn’t know by now as a quality athlete the bar has been set high by tv and reality shows, flashy bullshit and Nike commercials to win.

People everywhere think they can fight, kids wrestle in the yard, football is played in the streets by kids that at school sit alone and do nothing… the image of the winner is displayed, flashes of the work is shown but never the work it takes to finish….

The reason there is so few BJ Penns, so few Kaluka Maiavas, so few Kamakas, Coppers, Corbets, etc ( not that these are the only top level athletes out of Hawaii) because the how was less important than the why.

The why for all achievers are different…could be status, could be money, but mostly it was love for not love of the goal….

Training with a big enough why makes the how to train a non issue….

If your why to win is ” so my grandmother sees me graduate before she dies” then the why to study isn’t an issue. You’ll do whatever to study…if your why is to win a championshion cause you like “lick dos faka ” cause hes a donkey….then you won’t train, your why isn’t valid….its not enough to keep you motivated…and if you do its short lived…when da guy you licked is gone, so is your motivation to stay on top…and that’s a whole different story by itself…

Find a why you want it and warhorse strength camp will be your how…

No love just war