Wrestlers, MMA fighters, and football players in Hawaii should always be producing "figs"…regardless of what frickin Holiday it is!!!!

Even if you dont believe in the bible, or God or Jesus you know about them… You can believe what you want, thats fine, but from faith to faith production is a constant… even Jesus worked on the the sabbath within his design to glorify the Lord God, Buddha worked to glorify, Mohammad worked to glorify…. Always producing, regardless of the season…

Im gonna make someone cry, I know it…That’s great, log off the page, dont come back but i’ll give it to you straight cause I’m already hearing people make excuses…


Ill use a story…from the bible.

Jesus was with the disciples, tired, hungry… Jesus approached a “fig tree” Hoping to find food… which there was none as it wasnt the season for fig tree to produce. Jesus saw this and cursed the tree…. and it wilted and died….

As the disciples looked at the tree, they  thought wow… poor tree its not fig season!

Jesus kept the code of regardless of the season …BY DESIGN if you are a FIG TREE you must always be producing “figs”!!!!

There is no season, no time, nothing less than death.. for you to be less than who you are by design… If you are a fighter, wrestler, soldier, football athlete, teacher, father or mother… no mattter the season you must always be producing your “figs.” ( whatever figs are for who you have been designed to be)

Examples are upcoming Holidays….

For Thanksgiving,  people will be eating shitty foods and making it ok to eat and sit around but all the while before the “1” day youre supposed to be a “fig tree” and doing YOU by producing figs!!! It doesnt stop…. Jesus himself destroyed the tree to its root for being out of design…. that means you must do what you have done all year leading to thanksgiving day, meaning eating right, training when eveyone else is sitting on their asses claiming… ” i work hard, i deserve one day… everyone else not trainin.”

yes they do deserve what they get… eat like shit, feel like shit, look like shit…

Christmas is coming too…. lots of rest, food, gifts, no training no working out cause places will be closed and everyones gonna be in the “spirit.” Spirit should also be a Fig of production… not just one

( even non-Jesus believers take off… they should be at fricking work) You need to always be producing… if you are an athlete their is no breaks from doing what you are supposed to, from being who you are supposed to be…. that break will cause you to WILT AND DIE !!!

Every holiday I trained athletes, because I am a champion builder….a coach, I will always be open despite the season, or despite the day that the average man creates to be less than who he wants to be…. WE ARE MORE THAN THE AVERAGE MAN…. the average man makes reasons to quit, to stop producing figs…. But I we should refuse to die, to wilt away on the vine. if you are an athlete you should always be producing “figs.”